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Contact Numbers:

Sales & Marketing- 9594997635
Technical Support -9220971577

ICS - 3000 FOR GR.+ 15TH FLOOR


Special features:
• Security Pass word.
• Fault Display.
• Round condition


Product Specification ICS 3000 Gr.+ 15th floor
Speed Meter per second Up to 1 meter
Operation Open Loop – Standard, Close Loop , Optional
Stops Up to 32 stops (Gr. + 31 Down Collective & Gr.15 Full Collective)
Door Operation Manual Door and Auto Door.
Power Supply 3 Phase, 380 volt/400volt/415 volt,+/- 6%
Read Signal Cabin Top Read Switch

• Status of all inputs and Output through LED indication on main Control Board.
• All Signals are op to isolate.
• Function auto/attend, fire, auto fan, stop, inspection etc.
Special features:
• Security Pass word.
• Fault Display.
• Round condition.

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